MWC—Crew Completes Construction of Roundabout SR 73 (2022)

Barrett Paving – Midwest Central

Barrett Midwest Central crews completed the construction of a roundabout 18 days early at the intersection of SR 73 and Jacksonburg Road in Butler County, OH under a contract for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

MWC crews headed up by Tony Singer, Superintendent; and Greg Crider, Foreman; were challenged to build the roundabout while maintaining traffic on SR 73, a main access road to the MillerCoors brewery and Miami University (Oxford Ohio).

An additional challenge was raising the intersection elevations by 8 feet while maintaining traffic. Through the two significant challenges, the MWC team successfully completed the project early.

Once the roundabout was complete, we observed successful traveling results from the traveling public, ODOT, and Barrett Paving. A huge thank you to Tony Singer, Superintendent; and Greg Crider, Foreman; for leading this crew and making this roundabout the success it is today

Due to the complexity, professionalism, and partnering completed, the ODOT project engineer nominated this project for a statewide award. This project was awarded second place out of seven submissions in the category #1 in the state ODOT Partnering Competition.

Once again, the Barrett team recognized and managed the challenges presented and utilized their expertise to meet the customer’s needs.